How it started

Luca Design was started in July 1995 by Francesco Scarito following nine years of previous creative experience with a variety of companies including Freestone Design, Blaze Advertising, & Barclaycard's in house Design Studio. Two years in and the increasing workload necessitated expanding the team a number of times with a continuing ethos of providing great value, high quality visual communication.

How it continued

A hunger for learning new skills on an ongoing basis has allowed Luca Design to continue thriving in a very fast changing industry. With a belief that passion and an aptitude for creativity fuels skill expansion, Luca Design have moved beyond Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography & Illustration and now also include, Video Production, Sound/Music Production & many others too.

Community & Giving back

There is nothing more rewarding & pride inducing than being a catalyst to growth in our young people. Many  have completed work experience at Luca Design, in fact, 2 returned to work there once they completed higher education. Also, Francesco started volunteering in schools in 2003 teaching drawing, original music making, musical theatre and movie making. Many productions have been completed over these years covering relevant subjects such as Bullying and Multiculturalism which have served to both develop talent and to bring greater understanding and help to people experiencing many social issues.


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